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:Exports According to reach deposits of minerals in Iran from one hand and the valuable potential of transportation (Rail and Road) on the other hand and also extensive overseas connections, exports of iron ore and other minerals are the main headlines of Hamyar Sanat Ghadr Co. In Addition to raw iron ore, products such as sponge iron and cold briquette are considered among the exports of the company. The role of exports in prosperity of employment and business, increasing foreign exchange earning and also promoting the trade balance of country are among the requirements of economic developments of Iran.Existence of...

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کاتالوگ (en)

شرکت­های هم گروه:   این شرکت، با تاکید بر هم افزایی میان شرکت­های فعال در حوزه­های مشترک، اقدام به برقراری اتحاد استراتژیک و ایجاد رابطه مشترک تجاری با شرکت­های متعدد داخلی و خارجی نموده است.  

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